OpenAI and Common Sense Partner to Promote Safe, Responsible AI Use Among Kids

OpenAI and Common Sense Partner to Promote Safe, Responsible AI Use Among Kids

OpenAI on Monday announced a partnership with Common Sense Media, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering families in the digital age, to develop guidelines and educational materials promoting the safe, ethical use of AI tools among teens.

While tools like the wildly popular ChatGPT boast significant capabilities, they sometimes confidently generate false information or exhibit biases from their training data. Understanding these limitations is crucial, especially for younger users more apt to take output at face value. Initiatives from the new partnership include:

  • AI guidelines and best practices for families and schools
  • Educational materials explaining AI capabilities, limitations and safety considerations
  • A "family-friendly" section within OpenAI's GPT Store, curating safe conversational apps vetted by Common Sense

One of the partnership’s goals is to bridge the knowledge gap between generations. Recent findings reveal a significant discrepancy in AI tool usage between students and their parents, highlighting the urgent need for comprehensive educational resources. By equipping caregivers and teachers with the necessary tools to guide young users, OpenAI and Common Sense Media are taking a proactive step towards fostering a safe and informed digital environment.

The collaboration also explores the potential of AI in revolutionizing educational experiences. Tailored learning experiences, facilitated by AI, promise to make education more accessible and engaging for students across the globe. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman envisions a future where every individual has access to personalized AI, transforming the way we learn and interact with information.

This initiative arrives at a time when AI companies, including OpenAI, face increasing scrutiny from regulators and the public alike. Concerns over data privacy, ethical use, and the societal impact of AI tools have prompted calls for greater transparency and accountability in the industry. By partnering with Common Sense Media, a respected authority on youth technology impacts, OpenAI is hoping to address these challenges head-on, and ease concerns among parents, educators and regulators.

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