OpenAI Startup Fund Announces Second Converge Startup Cohort

OpenAI Startup Fund Announces Second Converge Startup Cohort
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It was just over a year ago that the OpenAI Startup Fund launched its inaugural Converge program. The goal was to provide funding, resources, and guidance to early-stage startups using AI to build transformative companies.

Following rapid advancements in AI capabilities over the past year, the startup fund is doubling down on that vision with the next iteration of Converge.

Announced today, Converge 2 will bring together 10-15 startups and their founders for an intensive 6-week program focused on the opportunities and challenges of building companies at the leading edge of artificial intelligence.

While the first Converge cohort focused narrowly on teams already working directly with AI, this time the doors have been opened to all founders and disciplines. No prior AI experience is required to apply.

Participating startups receive a $1 million equity investment from OpenAI plus access to tech talks with OpenAI researchers, office hours, networking events, and a community of peers also riding the AI wave in various industries.

The 6 weeks of programming run from March 11 to April 19, 2024. Participants will invest approximately 4-6 hours per week, balancing the intensive program with their entrepreneurial endeavors. The program begins and ends with in-person sessions in San Francisco, with OpenAI covering travel costs. These in-person weeks are complemented by remote participation options, offering flexibility and a hybrid experience to accommodate the varied needs of founders.

Founders have until January 26 to apply for one of the coveted spots in Converge 2. The fund says they are especially keen to see more applicants from underrepresented backgrounds and from outside the United States.

If Converge 1 is any indicator, the next class is sure to attract some of the hottest young AI startups and talented thinkers pushing artificial intelligence into new frontiers of products and services that will shape the future.

Interested startups can apply here.

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