OpenAI's Annualized Revenue Doubles to $3.4 Billion

OpenAI's Annualized Revenue Doubles to $3.4 Billion

The Information is reporting that OpenAI has more than doubled its annualized revenue to a staggering $3.4 billion in the past six months. This news, shared by CEO Sam Altman, indicates that the company's growth is accelerating despite increasing competition in the AI landscape.

Previously, OpenAI's annualized revenue was reported as $1.6 billion in late 2023, showing an impressive 100% growth in just half a year. The majority of this revenue, approximately $3.2 billion, comes from subscriptions to ChatGPT and fees from developers accessing its models through its API.

Additionally, OpenAI has a partnership with Microsoft, where they sell OpenAI models through their Azure platform. This collaboration brings in about $200 million in annualized revenue for OpenAI, according to Altman.

Despite the impressive revenue figures however, OpenAI’s financial losses remain substantial. Last year, the company projected a $1 billion operating loss for 2023, though updated figures have not been disclosed. The costs associated with AI training, cloud services, and a growing workforce contribute to these losses.

OpenAI's revenue growth dwarfs that of rivals such as Anthropic and Cohere, which reported significantly lower annualized revenues last year. With a recent valuation of $86 billion, OpenAI's equity now appears more affordable at about 25 times forward revenue.

The revenue figures highlight the strength of the ChatGPT brand, which has seen rapid adoption by individuals and businesses. And it doesn't get much bigger than Apple's announcement this week that it will be integrating ChatGPT across its productlines. And although the financial terms of this deal have not been disclosed, it represents a significant endorsement for OpenAI.

With the recent addition of Sarah Friar as Chief Financial Officer and Kevin Weil as Chief Product Officer, OpenAI is bolstering its leadership team to support its rapid growth. Moreover, the company's impressive product pipeline, which includes the highly anticipated GPT-5 language model and Sora, a state-of-the-art video-generating model, suggests that OpenAI's current financial success may be just the tip of the iceberg. 

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