Otter Announces Meeting GenAI with New AI-Powered Meeting Intelligence

Otter Announces Meeting GenAI with New AI-Powered Meeting Intelligence, an AI meeting assistant startup, has unveiled Meeting GenAI - a new AI solution that they believe redefines meeting intelligence. While tools like Microsoft Copilot provide basic meeting transcription, Otter's latest innovation propels teams to new heights of productivity and collaboration.

Key features of Meeting GenAI include:

  • Otter AI Chat Across Meetings: Allows users to ask questions and generate content such as emails and status updates by accessing insights from across all meetings, not just a single one.
  • AI Chat in Channels: Team members can interact with each other and Otter AI Chat within dedicated channels for specific teams or projects, thus enhancing team alignment and productivity.
  • AI Conversation Summary View: The AI identifies and summarizes action items and key points in real time, providing a concise narrative summary for quick understanding and action.

The core of Meeting GenAI is Otter AI Chat, now supercharged with multi-conversation capabilities. Users can pose questions and generate content by tapping into their full history of meetings, not just a single discussion. Otter will search across platforms like Zoom, Teams and Google Meet to find answers.

"Missed the last two weeks? Catch up quickly by asking Otter what you missed," said Otter co-founder and CEO Sam Liang. "Through intuitive interactions, users can spark creative ideas all fueled by the rich insights living in their meeting history."

Exclusive to Otter is AI Chat in Channels, uniting meetings and chat for streamlined team communication. Dedicated channels allow for focused discussions around specific teams, projects or topics. Members can chat with each other and the Otter AI assistant to gain instant access to past information and generate summaries, action plans and more based on the channel's collective knowledge.

"Unlock a new era of team collaboration," said Liang. "Ensure everyone's on the same page with easy access to past discussions and insights."

There is also a new Conversation Summary View that auto-identifies action items and owners, providing a live narrative overview of key discussion points and decisions.

While Microsoft and Zoom charge extra for basic AI features, Otter's latest AI innovations are included across all its pricing plans even on the free Otter Basic. The challenge for Otter is to convice users to pay for a standalone product vs using an integrated solution like Teams or Google Meet that are likely already a part of their productivity tools.

However, with over 50 billion meeting minutes transcribed, Otter says it is already leading the AI assistant pack. Now with their new Meeting GenAI, it is striving to push the bar even higher, helping teams achieve unprecedented alignment, accountability and productivity.

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