Palantir and Oracle Partner to Deliver Secure Cloud and AI Solutions

Palantir and Oracle Partner to Deliver Secure Cloud and AI Solutions

Palantir and Oracle have announced a partnership to provide robust cloud and AI solutions to businesses and governments globally. By combining Oracle's distributed cloud and AI infrastructure with Palantir's cutting-edge AI and decision acceleration platforms, the collaboration seeks to help organizations maximize the value of their data, drive efficiency, address sovereignty requirements, and stay ahead of the competition. The two companies will jointly sell and support cloud and AI services across government and commercial industries.

As part of the agreement, Palantir will migrate its Foundry workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and make its Gotham and AI Platforms deployable across Oracle's distributed cloud. This includes public cloud regions, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Dedicated Regions, Oracle Alloy, Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud, Oracle Government Cloud, Oracle Roving Edge, and Oracle's air-gapped regions for defense and intelligence customers. The extensive cloud footprint and sovereign AI capabilities offered by Oracle will enable more organizations to leverage Palantir's platforms for data integration and decision-making while meeting the highest sovereignty and security standards.

Palantir's Executive VP, Josh Harris, highlighted the shared commitment of both companies to defending western interests and institutions globally. He believes Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's unique ability to help customers meet their regulatory, performance, and security needs will increase Palantir's impact and help their global clients gain the full benefits of cloud and AI.

Oracle Cloud offers more than 100 cloud services and applications, including the latest innovation in generative AI, running on a high-performance AI infrastructure. The services and pricing are consistent across deployment types, simplifying planning, portability, and management for customers. Palantir's AI Platform (AIP) enables organizations to harness the power of large language models within their enterprise networks, private data, and core operations while ensuring maximum security and trust. The platform aims to unify disconnected data sources, logic assets, and systems of action into a single common operating picture.

Together, both companies will bring powerful new capabilities to the defense industry, leveraging Oracle's long history in defense and intelligence and Palantir's expertise in AI and decision acceleration.

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