Perplexity Launches “Collections” to Organize and Share Your AI Research Threads

Perplexity Launches “Collections” to Organize and Share Your AI Research Threads
Image Credit: Perplexity

Perplexity, the AI research assistant app, has released a major update with its new “Collections” feature that allows users to better organize their threads and collaborate with others.

The launch of Collections aims to enhance the experience of using Perplexity in several ways. First, it enables users to categorize threads by topics or projects, preventing search overload. The feature also allows adjustable privacy settings, so users can choose which collections are kept private versus shared publicly.

Furthermore, Collections introduces new collaboration capabilities. Users can now bring in trusted contributors to work together on collections, brainstorm ideas, and build team knowledge. Owners can invite contributors, set privacy levels, add or remove threads, and delete their own threads within each Collection. Contributors can add, remove or delete their own threads.

Perplexity positions itself as an AI assistant that learns user preferences over time. It has a conversational interface to make searching for information more natural. The company says that Collections delivers on their goal of feeling like users have a knowledgeable guide curating and organizing relevant content.

The new Collections feature is available now to all Perplexity users via the new Library tab.

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