You Can Now Have Voice Conversations with Pi Like You Would a Friend

You Can Now Have Voice Conversations with Pi Like You Would a Friend
Image Credit: Maginative

Inflection has released an update to their popular Pi app for iOS, integrating fluid voice conversations with the AI assistant. Users can now have natural back-and-forth chats with Pi, just like talking to a friend over the phone.


Pi aims to be an empathetic and helpful personal AI, offering friendly advice and information in an organic, human-like dialogue. It is powered by Inflection's proprietary AI system, Inflection-1, which the company claims outperforms other leading LLMs (in its compute class) like GPT-3.5 and PaLM-540B.

The addition of free-flowing voice exchanges makes Pi feel more conversational. With six voice options available, including two new British English accents, Pi can suit a range of preferences with its expressive and nuanced voices. This doesn't mean you have to abandon the text-only interface. Users who prefer text can still opt for typing over talking. However, voice conversations is not just a fancy new feature, it is a significant and deliberate decision by Inflection to be more accessible and inclusive. It enables users who may have difficulties with text-based interactions to effortlessly engage with and benefit from the AI.

Inflection's recent funding round is worth noting here. The company raised an impressive $1.3 billion from a consortium of tech giants including Microsoft, NVIDIA, and industry veterans like Bill Gates, Reid Hoffman, and Eric Schmidt. This substantial financial backing enables Inflection to accelerate its mission to bring intelligent, helpful, and highly personalized AI experiences to millions worldwide.

The Pi app is available for download on iOS devices at Android support is expected soon.

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