Snapchat Unveils New ChatGPT and AI Capabilities for AR Lens Development

Snapchat Unveils New ChatGPT and AI Capabilities for AR Lens Development
Image Credit: Snap Inc.

At its annual Lens Fest developer conference today, Snapchat unveiled new AI capabilities within Lens Studio 5.0 Beta, the platform for building Snapchat Lenses.

The spotlight feature of this update is their partnership with OpenAI, introducing the ChatGPT Remote API into the AR toolkit. This integration allows developers to embed conversational AI within their Lenses, paving the way for a range of interactive experiences. Imagine AR Lenses offering personalized learning sessions or creative prompts—possibilities are as diverse as the developers' imaginations.

Lens Studio 5.0 Beta also introduces an AI-powered 3D face mask generator. Using generative AI combined with Snapchat's facial mapping capabilities, developers can automatically create entertaining selfie Lenses in seconds. This makes it even easier for anyone to build their first viral Lens.

Today's announcements pave the way for more intelligent, interactive Lenses that can understand natural language prompts and respond conversationally. It also expands creative possibilities by generating custom 3D objects, textures, and effects powered by AI.

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