Tabnine Raises $25M to Advance AI-Powered Coding

Tabnine Raises $25M to Advance AI-Powered Coding
Image Credit: Tabnine

Tel Aviv-based Tabnine, a pioneer in AI-powered coding tools, recently announced it has secured $25 million in Series B funding. The round was led by Telstra Ventures with participation from Atlassian Ventures.

The fresh influx of capital will enable Tabnine to further its mission of bringing AI-enabled productivity gains to software developers worldwide. Since launching the first AI coding assistant over 5 years ago, the company has experienced tremendous growth. To date, Tabnine's technology now aids over one million developers and contributes to generating more than 1% of the world's code.

"We're humbled to see how far this revolution has come,” said Tabnine CEO and Co-Founder Dror Weiss. “But we see this as just the beginning. The future of AI promises even more transformative gains in productivity and automation for programmers."

Tabnine plans to leverage the new financing to expand its suite of AI coding tools. The company's solutions currently automate 30-50% of code generation for users. Looking ahead, Tabnine envisions AI maturing from an assistant role to a full platform capable of accelerating the entire software development lifecycle.

Central to Tabnine's approach is ensuring customers retain control over privacy, personalization, compliance, and choice. Its solutions enable flexible deployment options to maximize data security and privacy protections. Tabnine also uniquely trains its AI models exclusively on open-source code to prevent any copyright issues.

"Maintaining customer control and trust is our top priority as we bring the benefits of AI to more developers," Weiss emphasized. "We want to empower users to create software faster and unlock more interesting, rewarding work."

With strong existing traction and a fresh round of funding, Tabnine seems poised to continue leading the charge in integrating AI into the way software is built. Its growth mirrors the increasing mainstream embrace of AI-powered coding across the industry.

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