The OpenAI Forum is an Invite-Only Place to Discuss, Learn, and Shape AI

The OpenAI Forum is an Invite-Only Place to Discuss, Learn, and Shape AI

OpenAI has announced the public launch of the OpenAI Forum - an online community aimed at enabling experts across domains to come together and collaborate on guiding the development of advanced AI.

The announcement comes as it becomes increasingly apparent that AI stands to transform countless aspects of society. With OpenAI models like Sora creating hyper-realistic video and gaming content, DALL-E 2 creating striking images, and ChatGPT improving as a conversational assistant, it is not inconcievable that human-level AI or artificial general intelligence (AGI) may arrive sooner than expected.

This potential shift brings both promise and risks, accentuating the need for input from diverse perspectives on how to steer progress responsibly. OpenAI hopes to spur this discourse through the forum.

The forum will facilitate events like technical talks, expert webinars, and opportunities for members to network with OpenAI researchers. Members can also participate in paid activities that provide direct feedback for improving AI systems.

Applications to join are open on a rolling basis for those demonstrating expertise at the intersection of their field and AI. Active OpenAI Forum expert community members can also provide referrals. Members must pledge at least 1 hour per fiscal quarter toward forum activities.

The next forum event on “Superalignment” will be hosted by Logan Kilpatrik next week. Interested experts can visit to learn more and apply.

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