TikTok Releases Boximator for Fine-Grained Motion Control in AI-Generated Videos

TikTok Releases Boximator for Fine-Grained Motion Control in AI-Generated Videos

ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok has published a research paper on Boximator, a new technique that allows for remarkably fine-grained control over object motion in generated videos. Take a look:

"The kitten is hiding herself into the cup" "Spiderman swings towards the camera." "A woman is running on the street with a dog." "A boy and a girl are kissing."

Boximator (a portmanteau of the words "box" and "animator") introduces a simple yet powerful approach for motion specification. Users first select objects in a reference image by drawing boxes around them. They can then define an object's ending position or entire motion path across frames using additional boxes and lines. This visually-grounded technique avoids the need for verbally describing desired motions.

Under the hood, Boximator functions as a plug-in that infuses existing video synthesis models with these user constraints. It trains an additional module while freezing base model weights, enabling straightforward integration with state-of-the-art systems.

Empirically, the Boximator-enhanced models retain the original video quality, measured by Fréchet Video Distance (FVD) scores, while gaining precise motion control capabilities. On the MSR-VTT dataset, the module improved two base models’ FVDs while achieving strong motion alignment, quantified through average precision metrics that compare generated motions against ground truth boxes.

Boximator Pika 1.0 Gen-2
"A cute 3D boy is standing and then walking."
"Adding wine to a glass."
"The wind blows a woman's umbrella away, rainy day."

Qualitative results further highlight the techniques realism with objects faithfully following complex user-defined paths, interactions, and scene entries/exits. Boximator manages composite elements like a man on a horse, and controls object count, size, proximity, and more.

This marks a significant step towards more versatile video generation platforms that balance quality, diversity, and user control. By externalizing motion specification, Boximator could potentially save substantial compute needed to learn such finer-grained aspects internally.

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