Ukraine's Foreign Ministry Appoints AI Spokesperson for Consular Updates

Ukraine's Foreign Ministry Appoints AI Spokesperson for Consular Updates

In an unprecedented move, Ukraine's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has created an AI-generated spokesperson to officially comment on consular information for the media. The digital representative, named Victoriya Shi, is modeled after Ukrainian singer and influencer Rosalie Nombre, who volunteered her likeness for the project.

"My name symbolizes our main goal – the victory of Ukraine, and my last name – the artificial intelligence that created me. [...] I will inform journalists of news about the work of consuls in protecting the rights and interests of Ukrainian citizens abroad, responding to incidents or emergency situations, and other news." — Victoria Shi, AI Spokesperson for Ukraine's Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Shi's role is to deliver timely and verified information from the ministry's consular department, including news about consuls' work in protecting Ukrainian citizens abroad and responding to emergencies. Her comments will appear on the ministry's official resources, website, and social media pages, as well as be shared with journalists by the ministry's press service.

Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba emphasized that using AI for consular commenting saves time and resources, allowing diplomats to focus on other tasks. He stressed that integrating advanced AI technologies is a wartime necessity to accelerate processes and stay ahead.

"Real diplomats will be able to be more effective and focus on other tasks of providing assistance to citizens." — Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine's Minister of Foreign Affairs

To prevent digital counterfeiting, Victoriya Shi's original videos will feature QR codes linking to the text version of her comments on the ministry's official website. The AI spokesperson is part of a broader strategy to systematically implement cutting-edge AI technologies in Ukraine's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, marking a technological leap unmatched by other diplomatic services worldwide.

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