Unity Shows Off Latest AI Innovation In Game Development at Unite 2023

Unity Shows Off Latest AI Innovation In Game Development at Unite 2023
Image Credit: Unity

At its annual Unite developer conference, Unity unveiled multiple innovations leveraging AI and cloud services to enhance game development workflows. The announcements showcased how the company plans to simplify technical work needed by creators while providing infrastructure to build richly immersive and scalable next-generation games.

Headlining Unity's announcements is the early access launch of Unity Muse, a suite of AI features to accelerate content creation through conversational prompts. Creators can generate textures, 2D sprites, animations, behaviors, and mockup scenes with natural language, alleviating artistic and technical burdens. Unity trained Muse's models entirely on licensed data to produce original, uninfringed outputs. Muse subscriptions are $30 a month and currently includes unlimited usage during the early access period.

Also entering open beta is Unity Sentis, enabling AI model inferencing directly inside Unity-supported platforms from mobile devices to XR headsets. Sentis facilitates advanced in-game functionality like interactive NPCs and computer vision without offloading to the cloud.

Both Muse and Sentis exemplify Unity's commitment to democratizing access to AI for all developers. The company stresses that it aims to boost developer velocity and creativity, not replace human artistry and design.

"We are here to help developers build amazing games and find success. Unity 6 and our AI tools are a testament to our commitment to addressing our creators' needs throughout their game development lifecycle." - Marc Whitten, President of Create at Unity

Bolstering its partnership stance, Unity unveiled Unity Cloud - a collaboration, asset management, and administration hub integrating solutions like Version Control and Asset Manager.

It provides centralized team workflows critical for tackling mounting content complexities when building modern, high-end games.

Look ahead, Unity shared a first look at 2024's Unity 6 release focusing on high performance, accelerated multiplayer development, and enhanced mobile and XR capabilities. Unity 6 will also incorporate learnings from current Muse and Sentis experimentation to further incorporate AI into core workflows.

Unity already powers 71% of the top 1,000 mobile games, 50% of mobile games, and 53% of augmented and virtual reality content. With Unity Muse, Sentis, and Unity Cloud entering early access, alongside the ambitious Unity 6 roadmap, the company seems poised to dominate the future of real-time 3D development.

Unity's latest advancements provide developers access to incredibly potent tools. Their choices marrying AI, cloud infrastructure, and professional support should equip studios to craft vivid virtual worlds, reach broader audiences, and future-proof experiences for emerging platforms.

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