Wix's AI Site Generator Lets You Build an Entire Website with a Prompt

Wix's AI Site Generator Lets You Build an Entire Website with a Prompt
Image Credit: Wix

The popularity of no-code website platforms like Wix, Webflow and Squarespace has skyrocketed in recent years as businesses and individuals look for easier ways to build an online presence without coding expertise. However, while these platforms market themselves as "no-code", in reality most still require moderate technical know-how and customization to build fully-functional, custom sites.

Wix is aiming to change that with the upcoming launch of its AI Site Generator, a tool that can instantly generate complete, unique websites after users provide a simple text prompt. This marks a major evolution in Wix's AI capabilities. The company already offers AI-powered features like text generation, automated image editing, product recommendations and more, but the AI Site Generator is a real game changer.

How Wix's AI Site Generator Works

After entering a brief description of their business and website goals, users will be provided with a professionally designed site, tailor-made for their needs. The AI Site Generator handles everything, from writing original text content for the homepage and interior pages, to selecting visually appealing imagery, to incorporating specific Wix business solutions like online stores, booking services and menus for restaurants.

And it doesn't just create a generic cookie-cutter site. The tool will apparently generate a truly customized website, with the design, layout and text optimized based on the user's prompt. Users can then easily edit and tweak their new site using integrated AI capabilities.

More AI-Powered Features Coming Soon

Alongside the AI Site Generator, Wix outlined several other new AI tools in the works, including:

AI Assistant - Provides data-driven suggestions to improve websites and business strategies


AI Page/Section Creator - Adds new pages and sections to existing sites through text prompts


Object Eraser - Lets users quickly erase and manipulate objects within images


Wix has heavily invested in AI technology over the past several years, debuting its first AI website builder ADI in 2016. With this latest slate of announcements, it's clear Wix aims to push the boundaries of what's possible in intuitive, no-code web creation.

According to Wix CEO Avishai Abrahami, "We are fully committed to bringing our users fully-integrated innovations such as the AI Site Generator, that have excellent user experiences to ultimately drive forward the next generation of website creation."

The AI Site Generator in particular represents a huge leap forward, with massive implications for small businesses and entrepreneurs looking for easy, affordable ways to establish robust online presences.

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