Writer Secures $100 Million in Series B to Scale Enterprise-Focused Generative AI

Writer Secures $100 Million in Series B to Scale Enterprise-Focused Generative AI
Image Credit: Writer

Writer, a full-stack, generative AI platform tailored for enterprises, has raised $100 million in Series B funding to expand its full-stack offering that embeds AI into business processes.

The round was led by ICONIQ Growth and includes participation from existing investors as well as Writer customers like Accenture and Vanguard. This brings Writer's total funding to over $125 million.

Writer enables companies to build custom AI applications and virtual assistants rapidly by providing the models, knowledge graph, interfaces and governance required. Its vertically-focused models outperform benchmarks while remaining transparent and auditable.

Founded in 2020 by May Habib and Waseem AlShikh, Writer quickly carved out a niche as the go-to AI writing assistant for enterprises. Since then, the company has expanded its offering to become a vertically integrated, full-stack generative AI platform. Today, companies like Accenture, Intuit, L’Oreal, and Vanguard have turned to Writer to build generative AI applications with unprecedented speed.

Writer's platform is uniquely built from the ground up to cater to enterprise needs across departments—from marketing and product development to human resources and more. Their all-in-one package includes:

  1. Palmyra LLMs: Transparent and auditable LLMs, fine-tuned for specific industries.
  2. Knowledge Graph: Secure integration with business data sources to produce high-quality outputs.
  3. AI Guardrails: Compliance features to ensure work is accurate, inclusive, and on-brand.

The full-stack nature of the platform enables not just content generation but also includes chat interfaces, prebuilt templates, and composable UI options.

The San Francisco-based company plans to allocate its new influx of capital primarily to the development of its proprietary industry-specific large language models (LLMs) and multimodal capabilities. Doug Pepper of ICONIQ Growth, one of the lead investors, will be joining Writer's board following this funding round.

Writer has been on a steep growth trajectory, achieving a 10x revenue increase over the past two years and over 150% net revenue retention. These metrics were achieved in part due to strong partnerships with enterprise clients, who have successfully integrated Writer's AI capabilities into their business processes.

Writer says its approach has shown productivity gains averaging 7.5 hours per employee per week in an internal study. The company points to its years in market and focus beyond just foundation models as differentiators.

"Our foundation models are best-in-class, and they're auditable, inspectable, and hostable — but it’s not just about the models," said Writer CEO May Habib. "Any CIO who's tried to build an internal generative AI application will tell you that the last mile of quality is the hardest. And we help them nail that, at scale."

As generative AI moves past hype into practical business usage, Writer's end-to-end platform offers a turnkey yet customizable path. Its Series B funding will fuel expanding capabilities to maintain an enterprise edge.

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