You Can Now Edit DALL·E-Generated Images in ChatGPT

You Can Now Edit DALL·E-Generated Images in ChatGPT

OpenAI has added a new feature to ChatGPT that allows users to easily edit DALL·E-generated images. This new feature, available across web, iOS, and Android devices, allows users to easily modify and refine AI-generated images without leaving the ChatGPT interface.

After generating an image from a text prompt, users can now simply click on the paintbrush icon to access a tool for selecting parts of the image they wish to modify. Users select the portions of the image they want to refine or change and can use follow-up prompts to modify. The tool includes an adjustable toggle to change the size of the paintbrush, providing users with more control over their edits.

This development brings ChatGPT closer in functionality to other popular AI image generation tools like Adobe Firefly, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion, which already offer similar editing capabilities. By incorporating this feature, OpenAI aims to streamline the creative process and enhance the versatility of its platform.

In addition to the editing tool, OpenAI has introduced example prompts with a visual preview for the DALL·E GPT. These prompts, displayed above the chatbar, serve as inspiration for users, suggesting potential image ideas and showcasing the capabialites of the model. This feature mirrors the text-based prompt suggestions already available in ChatGPT, further enhancing the user experience and encouraging exploration.

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