You Can Now Generate Images Directly From Google Search

You Can Now Generate Images Directly From Google Search
Image Credit: Google

Google announced new features today that that allow users to generate images and documents using AI directly from Search. These capabilities aim to provide inspiration and assist users in bringing their ideas to life.

The search giant is introducing an image creation functionality powered by its Search Generative Experience (SGE). Users can simply type a text prompt describing the image they want to generate, such as "an oil painting of a cat riding a skateboard." SGE will then provide up to four AI-generated images matching the description. Tapping on an image allows users to view and edit the descriptive text prompt to iterate on the image until it closely matches their vision.

Alternatively, when doing a Google Image search, users who have opted into SGE may notice a block that allows them to "Create something new". Clicking this will trigger a similar image generation workflow.

The feature is currently only available in English for opted-in users over 18 in the United States. Google says it has put safeguards in place to minimize harmful content and that every AI-generated image will contain metadata and watermarks indicating it was created by AI.

In addition to image creation, Google is rolling out AI-assisted written draft generation through SGE. When researching a topic, users can request SGE to provide a draft summary by asking it to "write a one page summary about converting a garage into a home office." The draft text can then be easily exported to Google Docs or Gmail for further editing.

With these new capabilities, Google aims to enhance its Search tool into a launchpad for creativity and productivity. The image creation feature provides an AI-powered alternative to conventional image searches, while draft generation helps kickstart writing projects.

As we navigate further into the age of generative AI, the fundamental nature of search is evolving. Once a tool predominantly for retrieval, search engines are now becoming hubs of creation and innovation. Google's recent unveiling exemplifies this shift, turning passive users into active creators.

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