Adobe Adds Vector Recoloring Tools to Firefly

Adobe Adds Vector Recoloring Tools to Firefly
Image Credit: Adobe

Adobe has added a new model, vector recoloring, to the Firefly family. With Firefly, the company aims to democratize design, enabling people of all skill levels to engage with creative tools more intuitively and efficiently.

Last month, Adobe introduced its Firefly project with two generative AI models focused on image generation and text effects. With this recent update, Adobe now offers powerful vector recoloring tools that will revolutionize the way graphic designers and artists work with Adobe Illustrator.

The new model allows creators to save time on recoloring vector images by using everyday language to describe a desired theme or palette. Users can also easily experiment with colors, quickly trying out various color palettes and themes for their artwork.

Adobe's release of vector recoloring in Firefly further differentiates the company from other generative AI image tools like Midjourney and Stability and DALL·E 2. Additionally, their focus on training Firefly's models using content that is either out of copyright, licensed for training, or part of the Adobe Stock library demonstrates the company's commitment to respecting artists' work and ensuring brand safety.

Creators have much more to look forward to from Adobe, as when they announced the Firefly beta last month, they also previewed multiple other models in development, including inpainting, personalized results, text to vector, 3D to image, and more.

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