Adobe Announces Experience Platform AI Assistant

Adobe Announces Experience Platform AI Assistant

At Adobe Summit 2024, the company unveiled an AI Assistant designed to streamline workflows, enhance productivity, and improve the user experience within Adobe Experience Platform. The AI Assistant is natively integrated with Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform, Adobe Journey Optimizer, and Adobe Customer Journey Analytics, providing a conversational interface that can answer technical questions, automate tasks, simulate outcomes, and generate audiences and journeys.

Adobe Experience Platform AI Assistant is designed to help users understand their data, streamline workflows, and enhance productivity. It makes expert-level task performance possible for all, regardless of technical expertise. The AI Assistant is connected to enterprise data, enabling teams to increase the quality and speed of their work while adhering to data security standards.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Navigate Enterprise Data: The AI Assistant provides customized product guidance based on user data and use cases, saving time on documentation review, troubleshooting, and support tickets.
  • Expand Product Proficiency: Users can strengthen their knowledge with timely, data-driven suggestions for follow-up actions or queries, fostering a continuous learning environment.
  • Simplify Routine Operations: The AI Assistant enables users to execute data exploration, insight generation, and campaign planning with fewer steps and greater output quality, all with user permissions enforced.

The AI Assistant helps teams with guided automation, enhanced product knowledge, and usage understanding. It can accelerate creative production within Workfront with creative briefs automatically generated from existing assets. Additionally, it helps guide users on how to enhance campaigns and content for better performance.

Deep Insights and Recommended Actions:

  • Deep Insights: The AI Assistant gathers predictive insights to help guide user strategy, providing answers in seconds that used to take marketers days or weeks.
  • Recommended Action: The AI Assistant recommends next-best actions in customer journeys, enabling users to ideate in real-time and explore new ways to engage customers.

Adobe Experience Platform AI Assistant is expected to boost productivity and democratize access to Adobe's sophisticated experience tools. It has been tested with select customers over the past few months, with positive feedback regarding increased productivity, simplified access to tools, and the ability to unleash new ideas.

The AI Assistant is powered by generative experience models, comprising large language models for natural language processing, a base model trained on product documentation and best practices, and an opt-in custom model grounded in enterprise data. It also includes a set of decision services for analytical, predictive, and goal-based recommendations, as well as APIs for programmatic usage across enterprise workflows and ecosystems.

Adobe expects to launch these features as part of a major Adobe Experience Platform release in the coming months.

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