Adobe Introduces Generative Remove in Lightroom, Powered by Firefly AI

Adobe Introduces Generative Remove in Lightroom, Powered by Firefly AI

Adobe has announced the addition of Generative Remove, a new feature in Lightroom that harnesses the power of Adobe Firefly AI. This tool allows users to seamlessly remove unwanted objects from photos with a single click, intelligently filling in the removed area with realistic, pixel-perfect generations.

Generative Remove is designed to simplify editing workflows for photographers of all skill levels, from hobbyists to professionals. It enables users to remove distractions in family photos, streamline retouching workflows, and achieve high-quality results across various surfaces, including mobile, web, and desktop.

Alongside Generative Remove, Adobe has introduced other AI-powered innovations in Lightroom. The Lens Blur tool, now generally available, allows users to add aesthetic blur effects to photos with a single click, while expanded tethering support for new cameras and an improved mobile editing experience further enhance the app's functionality.

Adobe emphasizes its commitment to responsible AI innovation, adhering to principles of accountability, responsibility, and transparency. When Generative Remove becomes generally available, Content Credentials will be automatically attached to edited photos, ensuring authenticity and transparency in the creative process.

Generative Remove is currently available as an early access feature across the Lightroom ecosystem, powered by Firefly Image 1 Model.

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