Adobe Previews Exciting Generative AI Innovations at MAX Sneaks

Adobe Previews Exciting Generative AI Innovations at MAX Sneaks

At its annual MAX conference, Adobe demonstrated 11 prototype innovations that could redefine how professionals and enthusiasts alike approach creativity across photo, video, audio, 3D, design, and fashion applications.

The star of the showcase, Project Stardust, is a generative AI-powered, object-aware editing engine that promises to transform image editing. Gone are the days of intricate layer adjustments—Stardust allows users to move or remove objects from photos with a simple click. Want to shift the position of a person within a photo? Or perhaps change their outfit's color? Stardust makes it intuitive and quick.

MAX Sneaks highlight several new generative AI capabilities across photo, video, audio, 3D and design | Adobe Blog
We are entering a new era of creativity, where generative AI is expanding access to powerful new workflows and unleashing our most imaginative ideas. Adobe’s Sneaks offer a “sneak peek” into what’s ahead, and at this year’s MAX Sneaks session — hosted by actor and comedian Adam DeVine — Adobe resear…

Here is the full session if you would like to watch MAX Sneaks in its entirety:

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