AI-Powered Video Editor Ozone Raises $7 Million, Launches Public Beta

AI-Powered Video Editor Ozone Raises $7 Million, Launches Public Beta
Image Credit: Ozone

Video creation platform Ozone announced today it has raised $7.1 million in seed funding as it launches into public beta. The funding round was led by NEA and included participation from prominent investors like Y Combinator and Dropbox founders.

Ozone aims to streamline collaborative video editing using AI. Its browser-based editor integrates automated features like subtitle generation and audio enhancement to speed up the editing process. The platform also enables real-time collaboration for teams.

"Video content creation has seen huge growth, but workflows still involve complex, time-consuming editing," said Ozone co-founder Max von Wolff. "We want to consolidate these fragmented processes into a unified platform that uses AI to work with creators, not against them."

The company claims its AI can identify action in footage, generate subtitles and titles, and suggest edits. Users still have full control over the timeline.

Ozone believes this AI-human collaboration approach differs from text-to-video AI models by empowering richer customization. The platform supports core features found in traditional desktop editors like Premiere Pro.

"Other startups focus on buzzy AI features, but we're integrating AI with existing creator workflows," said von Wolff.

The public beta aims to demonstrate Ozone's capabilities and solicit user feedback. Interested creators can sign up on the company's website.

"We want to make video creation seamless for any skill level," von Wolff said. "Our launch marks an exciting step toward that goal."

Ozone will use the new funding to continue developing its product and expand its workforce.

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