Anduril Unveils Pulsar: AI-Powered Electromagnetic Warfare Systems

Anduril Unveils Pulsar: AI-Powered Electromagnetic Warfare Systems

Anduril Industries has introduced Pulsar, a new family of AI-driven electromagnetic warfare (EW) systems designed to identify and counter threats rapidly. These modular systems, available in vehicle-mounted (Pulsar-V) and aerial drone (Pulsar-A) configurations, adapt to the evolving threat landscape, including small and medium-sized drones.

Pulsar integrates software-defined radios, graphics processing units, and diverse compute capabilities into a compact and powerful solution. This enables radio frequency machine learning (RFML) to identify and adapt to emerging threats at the edge quickly. The system supports various capabilities as a multi-mission EW solution, including electronic countermeasures, counter-unmanned systems, electronic support, electronic attack, direction finding, and geolocation.

According to Sam El-Akkad, General Manager of RF/EW Systems at Anduril, "Pulsar enables warfighters to counter state and non-state actors employing EW capabilities integrated with other advanced technological systems operating across the electromagnetic spectrum and cyberspace domain." The open architecture of Pulsar allows for integration into common and joint EW and command-and-control systems, creating a unified network of EW capabilities for comprehensive coverage and coordinated effects across distributed operations.

The development and deployment of Pulsar underscore the increasing role that AI is playing in modern warfare. As warfare and the nature of threats continue to evolve, systems like Pulsar will play a pivotal role in ensuring military effectiveness and force protection.

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