Anthropic and BCG Partner to Bring Advanced AI to Enterprises

Anthropic and BCG Partner to Bring Advanced AI to Enterprises
Image Credit: BCG X

Anthropic and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) have announced a new partnership to provide BCG clients with direct access to Anthropic's AI assistant, Claude. This partnership aims to help enterprises deploy advanced AI solutions ethically and effectively.

Claude is designed by Anthropic to be "helpful, honest, and harmless," using techniques like Constitutional AI to improve reliability and interpretability. BCG will leverage Claude to power strategic AI offerings and advise clients on responsible AI adoption across diverse use cases including knowledge management, business analysis, and process automation.

According to Sylvain Duranton, global leader of BCG X, BCG's tech build and design unit, "The large enterprises I talk with are focused on harnessing value and bottom line impact from AI, and doing that in the most effective and ethical way possible." He adds, "Our new collaboration with Anthropic will help deliver that alignment on ethics and effective GenAI."

The collaboration has already borne fruit. Recently, BCG and Anthropic jointly hosted a workshop at the United Nations on leveraging generative AI's opportunities while managing risks. Within BCG itself, Claude provides an ability to synthesize research and data to generate insights quickly. As a next step, BCG will facilitate pilot programs for enterprises to responsibly test Claude in tackling growth, efficiency, and innovation challenges. These pilot initiatives signal a proactive approach to assuaging public concerns over AI ethics.

Today's announcement comes as major consulting firms make big bets on AI capabilities. Earlier this year, PwC announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft and a $1 billion investment to expand its AI offerings over three years. Last month, McKinsey launched Lilli, its own generative AI assistant to rapidly synthesize knowledge for client teams. Just yesterday, EY unveiled after investing $1.4 billion to embed AI across solutions.

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