Capsule Launches AI-Powered Video Editor Aimed at Enterprise Teams

Capsule Launches AI-Powered Video Editor Aimed at Enterprise Teams
Image Credit: Capsule

Capsule, a video editing startup, announced the launch of their new cloud-based video editor powered by AI. The platform is designed to make video production faster and easier specifically for enterprise marketing, communications, sales, and HR teams.

The Capsule team believes that current video editing tools are too complex for non-video professionals at companies to use. Creating even simple videos often requires outsourcing to agencies at great expense. Capsule aims to solve this problem by combining an intuitive interface with AI that automates complex tasks.

Based on interviews with over 250 teams, Capsule identified three principal hurdles: the complexity of video editing and motion graphics, adherence to strict brand guidelines, and the need for efficient collaboration across various platforms. This trifecta of challenges often leads companies to outsource video production, despite the ubiquity of in-house skills in document writing and slide presentation.

At the core of Capsule is AI that guides users through the editing process. The platform does away with complicated timelines and layers, instead offering an interface inspired by apps like Notion and Google Slides.

Capsule's AI can handle lower-level editing tasks like slicing clips and applying transitions. It also enables features like automatic beat syncing and object tracking. This allows users to focus on higher-level creative choices like storytelling, a sentiment echoed by many professionals who find mundane tasks from their creative process.

The company is also touting its new "video design system". Similar to editorial style guides, and traditional design systems, this is aimed at businesses who want to carefully guard their brand image across media while making creator tools more accessible.

These reusable on-brand motion graphic templates and assets empower teams to quickly create videos that adhere to brand guidelines. Companies can curate libraries of approved animated logos, colors, fonts, and more.

The editor also includes a feature called CapsuleScript, which enables dynamic resizing and resolution adjustments for videos. Inspired by responsive web design principles, this feature caters to the multi-platform nature of modern video content. CapsuleScript draws from layout and animation engines similar to CSS, dynamic expressions akin to JavaScript, and supports resolution-independent motion graphics resembling SVG.

Finally, Capsule leverages the cloud to facilitate real-time collaboration on videos. With traditional desktop editing applications, team members must export files and use separate tools to gather feedback.

Multiple teammates can work within the same project simultaneously. Today, producing videos often require a medley of different platforms like Slack, Google Docs, and Adobe Premier. Capsule aims to consolidate the video creation workflow and serve as a one-stop shop for video collaboration. While some aspects of this collaborative feature are still under development, Capsule already incorporates elements that make video editing a more synergistic endeavor for teams.

Capsule has been beta-tested with teams from over 160 companies and is now available for wider use. While individual usage is free, enterprise-level deployment will incur fees after a 30-day free trial.

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