Chrome Gets Built-In AI Writing Assistance

Chrome Gets Built-In AI Writing Assistance

Google has launched an experimental AI feature in its Chrome web browser that helps users write online content. Available now to desktop users in the U.S. in English, the new functionality can help write emails, reviews, support tickets, and more across the web.

The feature is called "Help Me Write," and is powered by Gemini models. The AI analyzes the content and context of the website you are on to provide tailored recommendations. For example, if you are writing a review of garden shears on a gardening site, Chrome may integrate key product details from the page to bolster your commentary for other hobbyists.

Help Me Write is currently opt-in while in experimental phase. To enable it, Chrome (version M122) users can navigate to Settings > Experimental AI and toggle the feature on. Then simply right-click any text field and choose "Help Me Write" to bring up writing suggestions.

The launch isn't without tradeoffs. Using the tool means your activity (text you enter, websites you visit etc.) may be logged to enhance Help Me Write's performance. This includes potential review by human annotators.

As AI writing tools spread, debate continues around appropriate use cases and privacy safeguards. While Help Me Write may aid productivity, concerns remain about data collection, quality control, and whether or not AI-generated content should be identified to readers.

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