Cohere's Command R+ Debuts on Microsoft Azure

Cohere's Command R+ Debuts on Microsoft Azure

Microsoft has announced that it is partnering with Cohere to integrate Command R+, Cohere's latest large language model, into its cloud platform. This integration brings Cohere's most advanced model to Azure AI Studio's growing catalog, offering developers a powerful tool for building intelligent applications.

Cohere Unveils Command R+: A Powerful RAG-Optimized LLM for Enterprise AI
The model offers advanced capabilities in retrieval augmented generation, tool use, and multilingual support.

Command R+, the latest member of Cohere family of open weights models, is highly optimized for retrieval augmented generation (RAG) and tool use, enabling enterprises to leverage internal data and documents for building tailored and accurate AI solutions. The model's outputs come with clear citations, mitigating the risk of hallucinations and providing additional context from source materials.

Cohere CEO and Co-Founder Aidan Gomez emphasized the significance of this partnership: "We're at a pivotal moment in AI, where collaborations between leaders like Cohere and Microsoft can truly shape the future of enterprise-grade AI. Command R+ represents not just a technological leap but a commitment to ethical, scalable, and impactful AI solutions."

The model's integration with Azure AI Studio tools, such as Azure AI Content Safety, Azure AI Search, and prompt flow, enhances responsible and efficient AI practices. Key benefits include enhanced security and compliance, content safety integration, streamlined evaluation of LLM flows, and simplified deployment and inference.

Deploying Cohere models through Microsoft's Models as a Service (MaaS) offering streamlines the process, allowing businesses to harness the power of Command R+ without the complexity of managing underlying infrastructure. This pay-as-you-go model offers flexibility and scalability for enterprises of all sizes.

The addition of Command R+ to the Azure AI model catalog is part of Microsoft's ongoing efforts to providing a comprehensive selection of frontier and open models. The catalog now boasts over 1,600 foundation models from industry leaders such as Databricks, Deci AI, Hugging Face, Meta, Microsoft Research, Mistral AI, NVIDIA, OpenAI, and Stability AI.

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