D-ID and ElevenLabs Team Up to Add High-Quality AI Voices to Its Video Platform

D-ID and ElevenLabs Team Up to Add High-Quality AI Voices to Its Video Platform
Image Credit: D-ID

D-ID, a startup that uses AI to transform still photos into video, has partnered with ElevenLabs, pioneers in AI voice technology, to bring their premium voice options to D-ID's Creative Reality™ Studio.

D-ID's Creative Reality™ Studio provides a robust set of generative AI tools for producing personalized videos and avatars. The self-service platform animates portraits, adds voices, and transforms ideas into customized video content. D-ID markets it as an easy, affordable way for brands, creators, and businesses to generate high-quality videos for presentations, communications, and social media.

ElevenLabs has quickly established itself as the leading platform for producing highly natural sounding AI-generated voices. It's Professional Voice Cloning feature even allows users to produce a digital copy of their own voice.

Original Voice
AI Cloned Voice

This collaboration combines D-ID's prowess in replicating human visuals with ElevenLabs' mastery of natural voice and speech. Together, they simplify the video creation process. Users with a Pro subscription can choose from nine ElevenLabs voices with the click of a button. This allows anyone to produce custom video content that closely simulates real human presenters - all without expensive equipment or a camera crew.

D-ID's CEO, Gil Perry, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Our alignment with ElevenLabs amplifies the capabilities we offer the creator community. With our growing user base, this partnership signifies our commitment to providing unparalleled quality. The fusion of ElevenLabs' voices with our platform means our users can tap into a higher echelon of voice quality effortlessly."

ElevenLabs CEO Mati Staniszewski echoed the strategic value of the partnership, stating: "Many customers use our voices to bring digital people and avatars to life. Collaborating with D-ID is a natural progression and response from users to merge our market-leading voice technology together with D-ID’s top rated text-to-video tech."

For brands, creators, and other users needing high-quality video content, the D-ID and ElevenLabs alliance unlocks a powerful new option. Their integration provides ease of use with professional results. As these technologies continue advancing, integrating solutions from leading providers will enable more realistic and nuanced creative possibilities.

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