Deel Launches AI-Powered HR Assistant to Simplify Global Hiring

Deel Launches AI-Powered HR Assistant to Simplify Global Hiring
Image Credit: Deel

As the demand for global remote talent continues to rise, companies face an increasingly complex web of local laws, regulations, and hiring challenges across borders. To help businesses navigate this landscape, HR platform Deel has launched a new AI assistant called Deel IQ.

Powered by OpenAI's GPT-4 language model, and leveraging a dataset of over 300,000 global worker contracts, Deel IQ aims to provide HR teams and hiring managers with quick, reliable answers on international hiring and compliance.

With Deel's current client roster including major brands like Nike, Shopify, and Klarna, the company has amassed extensive real-world expertise in global employment. Deel IQ taps into this knowledge base to offer users information on local laws and regulations across 150+ countries.

Rather than digging through various documents or platforms, users can simply ask questions in natural language such as "What are the statutory benefits in Slovakia?" or "How much PTO does an employee get in Canada?" Deel IQ then provides verified responses.

Beyond compliance, a notable feature of Deel IQ is its integration with the comprehensive Global Hiring Toolkit. This feature enables employers to craft enticing offers for prospective hires even in regions where salary benchmarks might be scant. Moreover, employers can gauge their expenses vis-à-vis their budgets with ease.

Deel IQ also enables data-driven hiring decisions by generating reports on salaries, employer costs, and other workforce analytics. This eliminates the need for manual spreadsheet creation or toggling between tools.

Beyond leveraging Deel's extensive knowledge reservoir, Deel IQ offers a deep dive into individual company workforce data. The tool facilitates the generation of immediate reports, enabling businesses to discern trends and patterns sans the hassle of manual spreadsheet manipulations or toggling between multiple platforms.

Deel's Head of Product, Aaron Goldsmid, shared his perspective with Maginative on this transformative phase: “Artificial intelligence is ushering in an exciting era for HR professionals, with the automation and reconciliation of nuanced processes across payroll, onboarding, and more. Tools like Deel IQ allow HR professionals to be the expert, while AI serves as their 'assistant,' ultimately affording them a bigger & more strategic seat at the table than ever before."

For time-strapped HR professionals, the AI assistant could provide significant time savings. According to Deel, the average HR practitioner currently spends 25+ hours per month searching online for answers to global employment questions. With compliance issues costing small businesses an average of $160k per lawsuit, Deel IQ may also reduce legal and financial risks.

By integrating AI and its Global Hiring Toolkit, Deel aims to consolidate cross-border hiring complexity into one intuitive platform. As the global competition for talent intensifies, AI-powered solutions like Deel IQ may soon become indispensable tools for HR teams looking to expand abroad.

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