Dell and Meta Partner to Simplify On-Premises Deployment of Llama 2 for Enterprises

Dell and Meta Partner to Simplify On-Premises Deployment of Llama 2 for Enterprises
Image Credit: Maginative

Dell Technologies and Meta announced a collaboration to simplify on-premises deployment of Meta's Llama 2 generative AI models using Dell infrastructure. The partnership aims to make open-source generative AI more accessible for organizations of all sizes.

The companies are bringing together Dell's robust IT infrastructure portfolio and Meta's Llama 2 AI models. This provides enterprises a ready-made, proven foundation to accelerate their own in-house generative AI innovation.

According to Jeff Boudreau, Dell's chief AI officer, this collaboration marks "the beginning of a new era with generative AI transforming how industries operate, innovate and compete."

Dell has pre-integrated Llama 2 into its system sizing tools. This helps guide customers to optimal Dell hardware like servers and GPUs tailored for their desired Llama 2 workloads. The Dell Validated Design also includes detailed guidance on deploying and configuring Llama 2-based environments.

With on-premises solutions, customers maintain complete data sovereignty and model governance. IP protection and regulatory compliance can be ensured, reducing risks associated with public cloud options.

The collaboration provides broader access to generative AI, enabling more organizations to reap benefits like chatbots, virtual assistants, and automated code development. Dell infrastructure allows running models at scale from desktops to data centers.

Analysts see this as a way to "democratize" what many view as a transformative technology. It aligns with Dell's strategy to make advanced computing capabilities consumable for mainstream enterprises.

With solutions pre-integrated by Dell, Meta's open-source models become more accessible to enterprises that want to tap into generative AI from within the privacy and control of their own local environments.

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