Dropbox Taps NVIDIA's AI Foundry to Build Personalized Search and Productivity Tools

Dropbox Taps NVIDIA's AI Foundry to Build Personalized Search and Productivity Tools
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Dropbox, the popular cloud platform, has announced an exciting new collaboration with NVIDIA to enhance knowledge work and improve productivity for millions of users through the power of AI.

The partnership aims to expand Dropbox's extensive AI capabilities by leveraging NVIDIA's state-of-the-art AI infrastructure and resources. NVIDIA's AI foundry provides the cutting-edge foundation models, enterprise software, and accelerated computing that will allow Dropbox to build custom AI models tailored to users' unique needs.

NVIDIA AI foundries are equipped with generative model architectures, tools, and accelerated computing for training, customizing, optimizing, and deploying generative AI.

A key focus of the collaboration is to infuse more personalized generative AI into core Dropbox products. This includes further empowering tools like Dropbox Dash, the universal search feature that helps users quickly find content and connect apps in one place.

"Recent advances in generative AI are opening up new ways to improve knowledge work and address common pain points around organization, prioritization, and focus," said Dropbox CEO Drew Houston. "AI has huge potential to offload routine tasks, unlock creativity, and help people do meaningful work. We're thrilled to partner with NVIDIA to bring more tailored, AI-powered experiences to our customers."

Dropbox plans to leverage NVIDIA's AI infrastructure to create custom models that provide more relevant, personalized results in Dropbox Dash and other search features. This allows the AI to better understand each user's unique context and preferences.

To scale AI-powered experiences across its millions of business and personal users, Dropbox will utilize NVIDIA's suite of AI Enterprise software. This includes AI inference tools like the NVIDIA Triton Inference Server, which accelerates and optimizes inference performance in production environments.

"The arc of AI is shifting from cloud services to enterprise generative AI assistants that will drive the biggest transition in computing yet," said NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang. "Together, NVIDIA and Dropbox will pave the way for millions of users to accelerate their work with customized AI."

Dropbox has long been a pioneer in using AI to enhance productivity, efficiency, and knowledge management for its users. This partnership with NVIDIA signals an exciting step towards more comprehensive, personalized AI experiences tailored to individual users' needs and preferences.

As AI capabilities continue to rapidly evolve, seamlessly integrating generative AI into daily workflows has game-changing potential to unlock creativity, automation, and insights for both business and personal use.

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