ElevenLabs Launches Enterprise AI Speech Solutions

ElevenLabs Launches Enterprise AI Speech Solutions
Image Credit: ElevenLabs

AI speech technology startup ElevenLabs unveiled its new Eleven Labs Enterprise platform this week, offering businesses advanced speech solutions with enterprise-grade quality, security and scalability.

The company says Eleven Labs Enterprise is its most powerful speech model yet, capable of generating high-quality audio output at 192kbps that meets ACX audiobook standards. The platform also offers high-priority, low-latency rendering and competitive pricing options like unlimited characters and volume discounts to serve enterprise needs.

ElevenLabs highlighted the platform's enterprise-grade security features including end-to-end encryption and an optional full privacy mode that ensures content confidentiality by never storing data on ElevenLabs' servers. The company said its systems are SOC2 and GDPR compliant as well.

ElevenLabs CEO and co-founder Alex Serdiuk said the goal is providing versatile speech AI that can enhance workflows across industries from publishing to call centers to gaming and more. The technology can help automate audiobook creation, power interactive voice agents with life-like voices, streamline video production, and enable dynamic in-game voice generation.

The enterprise tier will offer customers exclusive access to ElevenLabs' highest quality audio, fastest rendering speeds, priority support, and first looks at new features. The company says 33% of the S&P 500 are already using its technology in some capacity, and showcased use cases across various applications and industries.

  • For publishers, ElevenLabs highlighted Projects API integration allowing content to be automatically voiced upon publication. The crystal clear 192kbps output can convert articles or books to audio swiftly.
  • Call centers can equip interactive agents with real-time responsiveness, streaming audio, and multi-language support for global customers.
  • Media companies can iterate voiceovers rapidly by updating scripts instead of re-recording. Voices work across 28 languages, opening new markets.
  • Game studios can tap into infinite AI-generated voices to populate dynamic dialogue and worlds. Runtime speech with less than one second latency means more immersive experiences.

Underpinning it all, ElevenLabs said its enterprise-grade security, including SOC2 and GDPR compliance, end-to-end encryption, and optional full privacy modes, gives customers confidence in deploying its speech AI.

The launch of Eleven Labs Enterprise signifies ElevenLabs' continued growth serving business users. The company said its early customers span industries from gaming firms like Paradox Interactive to publishers like Storytel and media brands like Australia's ARN radio network. The rollout of its robust enterprise platform marks the company's continued push to keep innovating speech AI for global business use cases.

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