Freepik Scoops Up AI Image Upscaler Magnific

Freepik Scoops Up AI Image Upscaler Magnific

Freepik has acquired Magnific, a popular AI image upscaler and enhancer tool that went viral last fall. The acquisition, announced today, strengthens Freepik's position as a leader in the design platform space. With Magnific, Freepik gains a powerful AI tool that enhances image quality and resolution, giving users control over the creative process by allowing them to add new details.

Magnific, founded just five months ago by Javi Lopez and Emilio Nicolás, has already made waves in the AI space. Within 24 hours of its launch, over 30,000 people signed up for the waiting list, and it now boasts over 725,000 registered users. The company, based in Murcia, Spain, achieved all this without any external investment or paid advertising, relying solely on word-of-mouth and the power of its product.

The acquisition by Freepik is a natural fit, as both companies share a vision to empower users to express their ideas through innovative design tools. Magnific's AI technology will be a valuable addition to Freepik's suite of generative AI offerings, and the combined entity is expected to drive further growth and expansion.

Javi Lopez, co-founder of Magnific, shared his perspective on the acquisition, stating, "When you find another company, like Freepik, with whom you share values and mission, the next step of sharing resources to achieve great things becomes an obvious step to take." This sentiment was echoed by Emilio Nicolás, who added, "Together, we're set to ride the wave of generative AI on an even stronger board, the Freepik + Magnific one!"

The acquisition is a strategic move for Freepik, as it seeks to bolster its AI capabilities and expand its global reach. Joaquín Cuenca Abela, CEO and co-founder of Freepik, expressed his admiration for Javi and Emilio, stating, "Not only will Magnific's AI complement our suite of AI tools, but having Javi and Emilio's experience and vision on the team will elevate our AI offering – this is central to the future of Freepik and our global expansion."

Magnific's technology has dramatically changed the way designers work, allowing them to enhance and transform images in seconds—a process that previously took days in traditional software like Adobe Photoshop. With Magnific's integration into Freepik's ecosystem, users can expect even more powerful and intuitive tools to bring their creative visions to life.

As part of the acquisition, Javi Lopez and Emilio Nicolás will continue to lead Magnific, now with the added resources and support of Freepik. The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

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