Google Bets Big on Checks, its AI-Powered, Privacy Compliance Platform

Google Bets Big on Checks, its AI-Powered, Privacy Compliance Platform
Image Credit: Google

Checks is a compliance platform for mobile app providers that helps take the complexity out of compliance, by using advancements in Google’s AI to help you easily identify, report, and fix issues in minutes, all in a single, intuitive dashboard.

Launched in 2022 as a part of Google's Area 120 incubator, Checks has been helping app developers on Google Play and iOS to detect and fix privacy compliance issues, and comply with regulations. Google's announcement today that Checks will now become a fully integrated Google product underscores its ongoing efforts to prioritizing user privacy.

Checks uses Google's large language models and app understanding technologies to automatically analyze mobile apps, monitor them end-to-end, and provide customized recommendations to address compliance gaps. The platform covers three key areas:

  • Compliance Monitoring helps companies identify potential regulatory and mobile app store compliance issues by using automated tests to scan an app and its privacy disclosures, and provides actionable recommendations to help address any identified issues.
  • Data Monitoring provides end-to-end visibility of an app’s data collection and sharing behaviors, enabling teams to more efficiently manage their data governance practices.
  • Store Disclosure Support helps companies ensure that their Google Play Data safety section is accurate and up-to-date.

Checks has seen "tremendous growth" over the past year, according to Google, helping gaming, healthcare, finance, education, and retail companies to navigate privacy compliance more efficiently.

With privacy regulations proliferating and users increasingly concerned about how their data is used, Google has been deliberate and vocal about protecting user privacy. By integrating Checks as an official Google product, the company is doubling down on its goal to provide partners and users with tools to build digital trust. By incorporating robust privacy measures directly into its product roadmap, Google aims to address concerns about big tech's data practices and rebuild consumer confidence through proactive solutions.

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