OpenAI Really Wants us to Regulate AI. Should we?

The company's leaders have penned a letter that calls for global coordination, safety measures, and public oversight.

While I agree that it's critical to ensure safety, we must also recognize that placing restrictions and implementing audits may stifle the freedom needed to foster equitable AI development.

I applaud the emphasis on public oversight and democratic decision-making in AI's bounds and defaults. After all, the current centralization of power in the hands of a few tech corporations is a grave concern. But let's remember, this isn't just about governance; it's about providing access and equity to all. An inclusive AI ecosystem is what we should aim for, not just in terms of consumption, but also in creation and control.

A balanced view is needed that takes into account both the risks and rewards of superintelligence. Let's not get lost in dystopian speculations, but rather focus on maximizing the benefits, minimizing the risks, and ensuring a just and inclusive AI future.

Governance of superintelligence
Now is a good time to start thinking about the governance of superintelligence—future AI systems dramatically more capable than even AGI.

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