Intercom Announces Fin AI Copilot to Support Customer Service Agents

Intercom Announces Fin AI Copilot to Support Customer Service Agents

Intercom, a prominent customer service platform, has introduced Fin AI Copilot, a new tool designed to assist customer support agents in their daily tasks. With this new addition to their suite of AI products, Intercom aims to redefine customer service by improving efficiency and enhancing the overall experience for both agents and customers.

The launch of Fin AI Copilot follows the successful introduction of their Fin AI chatbot last year. Now, with Fin AI Copilot, Intercom is taking it a step further by assisting agents directly in their inboxes. This personal AI assistant aims to revolutionize the way agents work, eliminating the need for tedious searches through multiple sources and windows.

One of Fin AI Copilot's standout features is its ability to utilize conversation history. It can generate answers based on past discussions, customizing responses to suit the current context. This ensures that customers receive relevant and personalized solutions, maximizing the impact of experienced agents. Additionally, Fin AI Copilot offers trusted answers by pulling information from various content sources, including internal articles, public URLs, PDFs, and even platforms like Notion, Guru, or Confluence.

The impact of Fin AI Copilot on agent efficiency is already evident, with early adopters like Lightspeed reporting a remarkable 31% increase in productivity. This boost in efficiency can be attributed to several key factors. First, the AI assistant eliminates the need for agents to sift through multiple sources and tools to find relevant information, streamlining the process of addressing customer concerns. Second, Fin AI Copilot acts as an on-demand expert, guiding agents through complex troubleshooting steps and providing contextual training for new team members.

The benefits of Fin AI Copilot extend beyond efficient information retrieval. It serves as an on-demand expert, providing instant advice and troubleshooting guidance to agents. With access to internal articles and conversation history, Fin AI Copilot can assist in complex problem-solving and provide instant ramp-up for new agents. This not only improves response times but also enhances the overall customer experience.

Intercom's AI-first approach to customer service goes beyond just the Copilot. They also offer an AI Agent that interacts directly with customers and an AI Analyst that provides insights and suggestions to support leaders. This comprehensive AI suite transforms the customer service landscape, allowing teams to focus on building deeper relationships with customers while leveraging the power of AI to enhance their capabilities.

Intercom's AI-first Customer Service platform also includes a centralized data and knowledge layer, which plays a crucial role in the system's effectiveness. The quality of this layer, encompassing both internal and external data and content sources, directly impacts the accuracy and resolution rate of the AI Agent. This highlights the importance of investing in robust data and content infrastructure to fully leverage the power of AI in customer service.

According to Paul Adams, Chief Product Officer at Intercom, the era of AI-first Customer Service is already upon us, and it will lead to happier customers and more strategic customer service teams. With AI's ability to handle a vast majority of customer questions and its continuous improvement over time, the nature of human support teams will evolve. Adams predicts that "almost all customer questions, in all customer channels, will be excellently answered by an AI Agent," transforming the role of human agents and leaders.

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