NVIDIA and Reliance Join Forces to Build India's Largest AI Infrastructure

NVIDIA and Reliance Join Forces to Build India's Largest AI Infrastructure

NVIDIA and Indian conglomerate Reliance Industries announced a major collaboration to develop India's own large language model and build AI supercomputing infrastructure unrivaled in the country.

The partnership comes on the heels of NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang's meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi last week, underlining the deepening ties between the American tech giant and India.

The companies plan to develop an AI supercomputing architecture that will surpass India's fastest existing supercomputer by an order of magnitude. NVIDIA's contribution includes providing access to its newest GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip, which delivers exceptional performance for AI workloads, as well as its DGX AI cloud supercomputing service. This upgrade in computing architecture comes at a critical time when AI applications are demanding ever-greater computational power and memory bandwidth.

Reliance's telecom subsidiary, Reliance Jio Infocomm, aims to harness this new AI architecture as the cornerstone of its foray into the burgeoning AI market. With 450 million Jio customers already on board, the telecom giant plans to roll out AI-driven applications and services that could range from agritech solutions for rural India to medical diagnostics.

The collaboration aligns with the Indian government's efforts to rapidly advance the country's AI capabilities. This includes connecting 20 cities through a high-speed computing grid to boost research and developing India-specific AI applications for healthcare, agriculture, weather prediction and more.

Reliance brings extensive telecommunications infrastructure and engineering expertise to manage the rollout and operations of the AI data centers.

"India has scale, data and talent. With the most advanced AI computing infrastructure, Reliance can build its own large language models made in India, for the people of India," said Huang.

Reliance Chairman Mukesh Ambani noted the new infrastructure will catalyze growth and democratize access to emerging technologies, fueling India's ambitions to be a leading digital economy.

With NVIDIA's strategic support and Reliance's capabilities, India could make rapid strides in AI and claim a place among leading nations pioneering next-generation technologies.

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