OpenAI Snaps Up Multi, Expanding Its Collaboration Tech Arsenal

OpenAI Snaps Up Multi, Expanding Its Collaboration Tech Arsenal

OpenAI just bought Multi, a startup that built a video-first collaboration platform for businesses. This comes only days after OpenAI acquired database company Rockset, showing the AI giant's growing appetite for new tech.

Multi, formerly known as Remotion, aimed to make desktop computers inherently collaborative. Their platform put people at the center of the operating system, alongside apps, to create a more interactive work environment.

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Multi shared their excitement about joining OpenAI:

"We've been asking how we should work with computers. Not on or using computers, but truly with computers. With AI," Multi's team wrote on X, announcing the deal. This idea fits well with OpenAI's mission to advance human-AI interaction.

But Multi's users will need to find new tools. The platform is shutting down, with no new signups allowed. Current users can keep using the app until July 24, 2024. After that, Multi will delete all user data. This abrupt shutdown has sparked mixed reactions, with some users expressing disappointment and others speculating about the role Multi's technology will play in OpenAI's product ecosystem.

OpenAI hasn't shared how much it paid for Multi or exactly how it plans to use the technology. However, Multi's technology, which enables users to share applications and collaborate remotely, aligns with OpenAI's plans to enhance its ChatGPT desktop experience. By integrating Multi's capabilities, OpenAI could offer a more robust and interactive platform for users to engage with ChatGPT.

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