Runway Partners with Getty Images to Offer Commercial Safe AI Video Model for Enterprises

Runway Partners with Getty Images to Offer Commercial Safe AI Video Model for Enterprises
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Popular AI video startup Runway is partnering with Getty Images to offer a more "commercially safe" enterprise version of its text-to-video engine. The partnership aims to give businesses an AI video creation tool that comes with stronger legal protections against potential copyright claims.

Announced today, the collaboration will see Runway release a custom text-to-video model trained on Getty Images' licensed image and footage library. The Runway <> Getty Model (RGM) is designed specifically for commercial use by companies looking to automate video content production.

According to Runway, RGM will provide a "baseline model" that enterprise customers can further customize and fine-tune using their own proprietary data. This will allow businesses across industries like media, advertising and entertainment to imbue the AI with their own branding and stylistic flourishes.

"This will unlock new commercial uses and new video products for companies," said Runway CEO and co-founder, Cristóbal Valenzuela, "and we're looking forward to seeing the outputs."

For Getty Images, the partnership represents another step in responsibly applying AI generative models using properly licensed content. In September, Getty Images launched its own text-to-image tool also trained solely on licensed media.

Getty Images Launches Generative AI Image Tool
Customers will receive Getty’s standard royalty-free license permitting worldwide, perpetual use of AI-generated images in all media as well as uncapped indemnification against legal issues

Grant Farhall, Chief Product Officer at Getty Images, echoed Valenzuela's sentiments, emphasizing the immense potential of combining human talent with AI technology, especially in video creation.

RGM will be available for commercial use in the coming months. Further details such as pricing remain undisclosed. For now, RGM access appears exclusive to hand-picked enterprise clients.

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