Salesforce Donates Over $20 Million to Expand Pathways into Tech and AI Careers

Salesforce Donates Over $20 Million to Expand Pathways into Tech and AI Careers
Image Credit: Salesforce

Salesforce has announced over $20 million in new grants for U.S. school districts and workforce development nonprofits. The funding aims to increase opportunities for students to gain skills needed for careers in technology and AI.

The announcement comes as schools adapt to the rise of generative AI transforming classrooms and future jobs. Salesforce seeks to help educators prepare students for success in a changing world. The grants also further the company’s 11-year, $233 million commitment to education and workforce development globally.

Of the over $20 million, $14 million will provide grants directly to school districts in San Francisco, Oakland, New York, Chicago, and Indianapolis. An additional $6.8 million will support U.S. and international workforce development nonprofits. This funding aims to create equitable pathways into tech and AI careers.

In San Francisco, Salesforce grants have expanded computer science education. Now over half of SFUSD's 50,000 students have taken a computer science course. Oakland will use funds to advance middle school transformation through math, computer science and support services.

“Salesforce has been an incredible partner to SFUSD for 11 years. Their contributions have been instrumental in helping our students access STEM courses and prepare for the jobs of the future,” said Superintendent Wayne.

As the technological landscape continues to evolve, it becomes increasingly apparent that companies can play a significant role in shaping the education of future employees, while at the same time fostering social good. Salesforce’s latest investment serves as both a beacon and a challenge for other enterprises to also take meaningful strides in this critical direction.

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