Samsung Previews 'Galaxy AI' With Real-Time Call Translation

Samsung Previews 'Galaxy AI' With Real-Time Call Translation
Image Credit: Samsung

Samsung has announced an upcoming AI-powered feature for its Galaxy smartphones that will enable real-time translation during phone calls, breaking down language barriers with ease.

The new 'Galaxy AI' initiative aims to use artificial intelligence to enhance everyday mobile experiences. A keystone of this vision is a new feature called AI Live Translate Call, slated for launch in early 2024. It will allow Galaxy smartphone users to have a personalized translator during phone calls, translating both audio and text seamlessly as conversations happen.

According to Samsung, this on-device translation feature will be integrated directly into the native calling function, eliminating the need for third-party translation apps. Users will see audio translations and text captions appear in real-time as they speak with someone in another language.

Samsung says this technology will help bring us closer to a world where communication barriers dissolve, enabling easier and more productive connections worldwide. The company emphasized Galaxy AI's focus on privacy and security, noting that all translations are processed on-device so conversations never leave the user's phone.

Wonjoon Choi, EVP and Head of Mobile R&D at Samsung said, "Galaxy AI is our most comprehensive intelligence offering to date, and it will change how we think about our phones forever."

Samsung framed Galaxy AI as the next evolution of its efforts to make mobile technology universally empowering and accessible. The company that helped popularize internet-connected mobile devices and camera phones aims to now spearhead widespread adoption of on-device AI.

While AI Live Translate Call offers just a glimpse into Galaxy's AI future, Samsung is promising more breakthroughs to come that will "open up new possibilities" and transform our daily mobile experiences.

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