Stability AI Launches Stable Chat Website Research Preview

Stability AI Launches Stable Chat Website Research Preview
Image Credit: Maginative

San Francisco-based AI startup Stability AI today launched Stable Chat, a research preview of conversational AI assistant similar to ChatGPT or Claude. For now, Stable Chat is intended to be a way for researchers and enthusiasts to evaluate the capabilities and safety of Stability AI's models.

Users can create a free account to chat with the LLMs, test their abilities to solve problems, and flag any concerning or biased responses. The goal is to leverage the AI community's help in improving these publicly available models. Currently running on top of Stable Beluga, Stability AI plans to continuously update Stable Chat with their latest research iterations.

Stability AI cautioned users to avoid real-world or commercial applications during this research phase. The company is also clear that all input and conversations within Stable Chat is being recorded. Users should therefore avoid sharing any personal information or details they wish to keep private. The goal is to create an environment focused strictly on research-based testing and feedback.

Users can choose to turn on a safety filter in settings

Stable Chat provides an opportunity for the open source AI community to directly evaluate and assist in strengthening these state-of-the-art models. With responsible collaboration, the research preview could be a stepping stone to developing LLMs that are both incredibly capable and governed by ethical AI safeguards.

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