Third Party Extensions Are Coming to GitHub Copilot

Third Party Extensions Are Coming to GitHub Copilot

Microsoft has unveiled GitHub Copilot Extensions, a new feature designed to integrate external tools directly into GitHub Copilot Chat. The idea is to streamline developers' workflows by reducing the need to switch between different tools.

The extensions, developed by Copilot Partners, are designed to keep developers in their flow by reducing the need for context switching between different tools. With partners like DataStax, Docker, LaunchDarkly, Microsoft Azure, and MongoDB, developers can now access a wide range of skills and services directly from the GitHub Copilot Chat interface. Developers can apply to join the Copilot Partner Program to become part of this ecosystem.

With Copilot Extensions, developers can interact with tools using natural language within GitHub Copilot Chat. For example, using the Sentry extension, developers can gather information about issues and create related tracking tasks on GitHub without leaving their development environment. This integration is supported across, Visual Studio, and Visual Studio Code, and is included in all Copilot subscriptions.

For organizations, private Copilot Extensions can be created to integrate internal tools and systems, offering a tailored experience that meets specific needs.

Mario Rodriguez, who announced the feature, emphasized how Copilot Extensions can keep developers "in the flow" longer, allowing them to use their preferred tools and services without disruption. This is seen as a significant step towards a future where developers spend less time on setup and more time building and innovating.

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