Adobe Announces new Generative Expand workflow for Photoshop

Adobe Announces new Generative Expand workflow for Photoshop
Image Credit: Adobe

Adobe today unveiled Generative Expand for Photoshop, a new AI-powered workflow that allows creatives to adapt images to any desired aspect ratio.

Generative Expand leverages the same robust Firefly-based technology that fuels Generative Fill, and allows users to smoothly alter any image's dimensions using the Crop tool. By simply selecting "Generate", the vacant area is populated with AI-created content that integrates seamlessly with the existing image. This refined workflow allows users to more intuitively engage with generative AI in Photoshop, fostering faster creation and ideation processes.

How Generative Expand Works

Suppose your subject is cut off, your image is not in the ideal ratio, or a key object needs realigning. Generative Expand can assist.

First, select the Crop tool and drag beyond the image's boundaries to your preferred dimensions. Generated content can be added with or without text prompts.

Without a prompt, simply click "Generate" and Photoshop fills the new canvas with AI-generated content blending seamlessly with the source.

Alternatively, include a text prompt describing desired additions, and the expanded image will integrate your prompt. Select your favorite variation, and the AI-enhanced image is non-destructively added in a new layer.

Generative Expand for Video

Generative Expand can also be used when editing videos in Photoshop, enabling resizing footage or adding to static backgrounds. While the AI generation works best with static tripod shots, creators can use Generative Expand to adapt videos to new aspect ratios or integrate AI-generated elements into fixed backgrounds.

With this streamlined workflow, artists can spend less time manually editing and more time ideating with AI as a collaborator. Generative Expand enables rapidly iterating concepts by adapting images to new sizes and contexts.

Adobe also announced that Firefly-powered features in Photoshop (beta) will now support text prompts in 100+ languages enabling users around the world to bring their creative vision to life with text prompts in the language they prefer.

As AI becomes further enmeshed in creative workflows, balancing originality and ethics will be an ongoing consideration. For now, Generative Expand offers an intriguing new capability set to enhance visual ideation. Adobe customers gain an AI companion that can exponentially stretch their creativity.

Users can try Generative Expand by downloading Photoshop Beta today.

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