Adobe Unveils Generative Match to Create AI-Generated Images Matching Specific Styles

Adobe Unveils Generative Match to Create AI-Generated Images Matching Specific Styles
Image Credit: Adobe

At its annual Max conference today, Adobe announced the beta launch of a new capability called Generative Match for its AI image generation tool Adobe Firefly. Generative Match allows users to upload a reference image and have Firefly's AI generate new images that combine the attributes of the reference photo with the user's custom text prompt.

For example, if a user uploads a reference photo of a cartoon cat and inputs the text "a bear in the woods", Firefly will output an image of a bear with the same cartoon art style as the cat. The AI analyzes visual aspects like colors, textures, and artistic style to match the new image to the reference.

According to Adobe, this feature will help creators quickly generate images tailored to their brand's specific look and feel. It can help marketing teams produce campaign assets that have a cohesive visual style across many contributors. While it's initially being integrated into the Firefly website and Adobe Illustrator, Adobe plans to expand it to other Creative Cloud tools in the future.

While powerful, generative AI does carry risks like impersonation and copyright infringement. Adobe claims they are prioritizing responsible AI development with Generative Match. The company says they trained models on licensed and public domain content and will moderate images before allowing them into training datasets.

Furthermore, they've championed the Content Credentials initiative, promoting transparency and trust in digital content. This "digital nutrition label" system lets creators attach essential details like their name, creation date, and tools used to their work. Adobe's proactive approach also extends to drafting policies like the FAIR Act, which seeks to protect creators from unauthorized AI-driven impersonations. Users must confirm they have rights to use any reference image uploaded. Adobe will save thumbnails of references to hold users accountable and block images with special metadata tags prohibiting their use as AI style references.

The launch of Generative Match highlights the rapid pace of AI innovation and its potential to enhance creative workflows. Adobe aims to collaborate closely with the creative community to develop Generative Match and other AI features responsibly.

Though still in beta, Generative Match exemplifies Adobe's dedication to fusing AI's potential with creative aspirations. Adobe is encouraging interested users to provide feedback on functionality and ethical considerations through its Firefly forum and Discord channel.

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