Adobe's AI Assistant for Customer Experience Management Now Available

Adobe's AI Assistant for Customer Experience Management Now Available

Adobe just announced the general availability of its Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) AI Assistant that they previewed at Adobe Summit in March. It's a generative AI-powered chatbot that is designed to help marketers automate tasks, simulate outcomes, and create new audiences and journeys.

First off, let's talk about what's already available. The AI Assistant is embedded within several Adobe Experience Cloud applications, including the Real-Time Customer Data Platform, Journey Optimizer, and Customer Journey Analytics. This means you can ask it technical questions, automate mundane tasks, and even simulate marketing outcomes—all through a simple chat interface.

For example, if you're scratching your head about building an audience segment or need quick insights into your customer journeys, the AI Assistant has you covered. It can provide answers on the spot, saving you time and effort. It also offers insights into dataset, audience, and journey usage without requiring users to run SQL queries, making it accessible to non-technical users.

Importantly, AEP AI Assistant will adhere to brand data security standards and does not share customer data outside the company without consent.

In the future, Adobe says teams will be able to simulate outcomes and optimize their marketing efforts with the AEP AI Assistant in less time and with greater precision. Users will be able to access predictive insights that answer complex questions in seconds and receive recommendations for next-best actions to boost conversion.

P.S. While it's worth noting that while the AEP AI Assistant is packed with features, we're keeping an eye on Adobe's recent updates to their Terms of Service. The update seems to suggest that they may be able to access your data for various reasons. It has raised some eyebrows, especially among creatives concerned about data privacy and content usage.

Update: Adobe has clarified the reason for the change in language in a series of posts on X.

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