Amazon Expands Generative AI Offerings with New Bedrock Features

Amazon Expands Generative AI Offerings with New Bedrock Features
Image Credit: Maginative

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced several major expansions to Amazon Bedrock, its fully managed generative AI service, during the company's AWS Summit in New York.

The additions are aimed at providing AWS customers greater flexibility and ease in building customized generative AI applications. This includes access to latest version of foundation models, a new model provider, and a capability to automate complex workflows.

Firstly, AWS has added Cohere as a new foundation model provider on Amazon Bedrock. Cohere offers two models - Command and Embed - specialized in summarization, dialogue, and other natural language tasks.

Bringing Cohere onto Bedrock gives customers a wider selection of ready-made models to choose from when building their AI applications. AWS stated the collaboration provides customers "intelligent systems so that developers and enterprises alike can innovate faster and more easily with AI."

Additionally, the latest iterations of models from Anthropic and Stability AI are now available on Bedrock. Anthropic has added Claude 2, an enhanced version of its conversational AI model that can process lengthier text passages compared to the previous Claude. Stability AI released Stable Diffusion XL 1.0, an updated text-to-image model that generates more natural, higher-fidelity visual creations.

The most transformative addition however, is a new capability to automate complex workflows with just a few clicks. Dubbed Agents for Amazon Bedrock, it allows developers to break down tasks, orchestrate APIs, connect to data sources, and take actions without manual coding.

For instance, users could build an AI agent to automatically process insurance claims by tapping into claim data and contacting APIs. This makes leveraging generative AI's full potential much more accessible.

AWS states this feature is "game-changing" for builders of all skill levels to implement AI across organizations.

The announcements build on strong early adoption from AWS customers leveraging Bedrock for generative AI apps, including Bridgewater Associates, Coda, Lonely Planet, Ryanair, Showpad, and Travelers.

The surge of data, the accessibility of highly scalable compute capacity, and the evolution of machine learning technologies have propelled generative AI to the forefront of many industries. However, selecting the right model, customizing it using sensitive intellectual property or company data, and integrating it into an application is a complex process requiring specialized expertise. Amazon Bedrock aims to address this issue, making it easier for customers to construct and scale generative AI-based applications

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