Amazon is Using AI to Make Shopping for Fashion Online Easier

Amazon is Using AI to Make Shopping for Fashion Online Easier
Image Credit: Amazon

Online clothing shopping can be hit or miss when it comes to nailing the right size and fit. But Amazon Fashion hopes to change that with new AI-powered innovations designed to help customers shop with confidence.

One of the most useful features is personalized size recommendations powered by deep learning algorithms. The technology considers factors like brand size systems, customer fit preferences, and anonymized data from millions of purchases to recommend the best size for you. It also continuously self-adapts as your needs change over time.

Amazon uses AI to help customers discover alternative best-fitting styles based on their preferences

Another handy tool is Fit Review Highlights. Using natural language processing, the feature scans hundreds of customer reviews to identify common themes related to size and fit for a particular item. It then summarizes the most relevant details into an easy-to-read statement, telling you whether you should size up or down. This saves you from parsing through countless reviews manually.

Amazon is also revamping size charts by leveraging AI to extract, clean, and standardize measurement data from multiple sources. This results in more consistent and accurate charts. They are also testing ways to showcase only the most relevant size details to each customer.

And it's not just customers who benefit. Amazon's new Fit Insights Tool aggregates customer fit feedback to provide brands with data-driven insights on returns, size chart problems, and other fit issues. This intelligence can then be used to tweak designs and sizing on future product releases.

Amazon's vision is to make fashion accessible for everyone, regardless of size, budget, or style preference. Taken together, these innovations begin to show how AI and machine learning could one day transform pain points of the online shopping experience into delights.

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