Amazon Unveils New Tool to Create Ads with Generative AI

Amazon Unveils New Tool to Create Ads with Generative AI
Image Credit: Amazon

Amazon is rolling out a new AI feature aimed at helping advertisers improve campaign performance and better engage customers through enhanced visuals. Advertisers will now be able to use generative AI to easily create lifestyle imagery showcasing their products in realistic settings.

According to Amazon Ads senior vice president Colleen Aubrey, producing quality, differentiated creative assets can often increase costs and require additional expertise. Amazon seeks to reduce this friction by providing advertisers with AI-enabled tools that minimize effort while boosting impact.

The new image generation functionality enables advertisers to transform standard product images into vivid, lifestyle scenes simply by selecting a product and clicking "Generate". This is particularly important as research shows that lifestyle product images can achieve up to 40% higher click-through rates compared to standard white-background shots.

The ad console will generate multiple on-brand images depicting the product in realistic contexts, such as a kitchen counter or office desk. Advertisers can refine selections through text prompts and generate multiple variations to test performance.

This capability helps businesses of all sizes upgrade creatives without needing large marketing teams or agency relationships. The tool is designed to be simple and accessible, requiring no technical expertise to operate.

Other major digital platforms like Meta and YouTube have also begun leveraging generative AI to enhance advertising outcomes. Meta recently expanded advertiser access to AI tools that help easily create multiple ad variations tailored for different contexts. YouTube uses AI to give advertisers "creative guidance" and provide optimization recommendations aligned with best practices.

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