Meta's New Generative AI Features for Advertisers Boost Creativity and Performance

Meta's New Generative AI Features for Advertisers Boost Creativity and Performance
Image Credit: Meta

Meta has begun expanding access to new generative AI tools that aim to enhance creativity and productivity for advertisers. The ad giant previewed the features earlier this year and is now rolling them out more widely.

The new capabilities allow advertisers to easily generate multiple variations of ad images and text. This helps them tailor campaigns for its different platforms and audiences while saving significant time and resources.

The initial features include:

  • Background Generation: Creates multiple backdrops to complement product photos, enabling adaptation to various audiences.
  • Image Expansion: Adjusts images to different aspect ratios, reducing the need to reformat creatives for placements like Facebook Feed or Instagram Reels.
  • Text Variations: Produces numerous versions of ad text that highlight product attributes, providing more options to resonate with target markets.

Advertisers who tested the tools reported impressive time savings and increased productivity. The features alleviated creative fatigue by expediting new ad development. However, some said AI-generated outputs still need refinement to match brands' distinct styles and messaging.

Meta plans to expand the AI features over time. Future capabilities will likely include ad copy tailored to product benefits and automatic generation of themed backgrounds.

The technology forms part of Meta's broader push into AI. At its recent Connect conference, the company outlined how businesses will use AI conversation features on Messenger and WhatsApp for customer service and commerce.

Meta says its AI efforts aim to empower marketers and provide value to businesses. However, scaling the technology responsibly remains a focus. The company plans to collaborate with brands and agencies to properly train models on individual nuances.

Looking ahead, Meta's investments in generative AI aim to empower marketers to launch and test ad creatives more rapidly, targeting their desired audiences with precision. The company has plans to expand these features, offering advertisers the ability to generate ad copy or background images tailored to specific themes in mere minutes. Furthermore, businesses will soon have the opportunity to utilize AI for messaging on platforms like Messenger and WhatsApp, enhancing customer engagement with instant conversational responses.

While promising, it remains to be seen how advertisers will embrace and benefit from Meta's burgeoning AI tools over the long term. But the technology could herald a new era of amplified creativity and productivity.

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